Two new videos of Renegade Kid’s Moon

Last time we were treated to footage of Moon for the DS, it was via a web cam. Sure, it’s not the best way to show off a game, but at least we got to see it running. Now, we have two new videos showing off some action from the game.

In this first video above, Major Kane is engaged with one of the bosses from the game. The boss is surrounded by a protective barrier that you can’t penetrate, but the boss can still shoot out at you. You have to deactivate the shields to be able to hurt the boss and have a short time to do so before the shields go back up. Sounds simple enough but the bosses health slowly recharges so you have to be quick about dropping the shields.

Hit the jump for one more gameplay video of Renegade Kid’s Moon

Here we see the Major taking on some flying robots below and on the surface of the Moon. As you watch the video, pay attention to the Major’s Assault Rifle. It automatically refills on bullets when not in use. Towards the end of the video you’ll also see a codec like conversation taking place, Metal Gear Solid style.

Renegade Kid won me over instantly with Dementium: The Ward so I’m definitely looking forward to Moon. Hopefully, they will have a better save/checkpoint system in place. I’m sure that was the number one complaint when it came to The Ward.

What do you all think of the videos? Like what you’re seeing so far? Also, does anyone else think of Metroid and/or Perfect Dark 64 when listening to the the music from the first video like I did?   

Hamza Aziz