Twitch Prime debuts at TwitchCon

Current Amazon Prime members already have access

TwitchCon 2016 kicked off in San Diego today, and several announcements were made during the keynote address about Twitch’s partnership with online retailer Amazon. Among these, Twitch announced that it’ll be offering a new service called “Twitch Prime,” and that all members of Amazon’s existing Prime service will be included.

Benefits of the service include a free monthly Twitch channel subscription as well as access to some free digital games and in-game bonuses. Current Prime members can access the bonuses by linking their existing Twitch and Amazon accounts at the Twitch Prime website.

Starting today, Twitch Prime members are eligible for a new Hearthstone character, the Night Elf Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. Redeeming the code also grants a new card back. They can also download Streamline for free and gain access to 24 pieces of gear, equip the Bomb King weapon skin in Paladins, and reskin the Ymir boss character in over-the-shoulder MOBA SMITE.

The current bonuses will be available until November 6, and Twitch has promised a constantly updated slate of goodies in addition to the 20% off new releases that Amazon Prime members already receive.

Once your Amazon and Twitch accounts are linked, you can check what’s being offered by following this link

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