Twitch now lets you watch people eat

Are you into this?

The most popular Twitch personalities basically have a Ted TV-like following, in that many people want to know what’s going on in their lives 24/7. And now they can!

Twitch has just introduced a new ruleset that allows streamers to eat on camera. In fact, it’s now a dedicated category for it. If you want to, right now, you can go online and watch people eat stuff. All day, every day. That’s a thing you can do now, and it’s called “Social Eating.” It’s already big in South Korea.

It’s not taking off just yet (one stream I’ve glanced at had 1,000 viewers, and most have below 100), but who knows? Maybe we’ll all be vying over “Twitch Bux” one day, which has overtaken the dollar, which can only be earned by watching streamers? Yeah, maybe I watched too much Black Mirror the other week. Or did I?

Social Eating [Twitch]

Chris Carter
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