Twisted Metal TV adaptation wraps filming for Peacock

twisted metal wraps filming


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The live-action adaptation of PlayStation classic Twisted Metal has wrapped its shooting schedule and will now enter post-production, ahead of its yet-to-be-dated premiere on streaming service Peacock. The final day of shooting was announced on Twitter by showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith.

Set against the backdrop of a lonely and highly hazardous future, Twisted Metal will follow the misadventures of amnesiac courier John Doe (Anthony Mackie), who must run ‘n’ gun their way through a lawless wasteland in order to deliver much-needed supplies to an outpost, while perpetually engaged by parties of homicidal marauders. Like its source material, Twisted Metal promises outrageous comic-book characterization and hi-octane vehicular carnage.

Alongside Marvel superstar Mackie (Falcon and the Winter Solider), Twisted Metal will also feature a posse of recognizable and very talented faces including Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Neve Campbell (Scream), Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3), and Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine). The iconic role of the mass-murdering, ice-cream-loving clown Sweet Tooth falls to Nuufolau Joel Seona, better known to wrestling fans as the bone-breaking Samoa Joe.

As noted previously by VGC, it is believed that the new PlayStation Productions series will precede a brand new Twisted Metal video game, yet to receive its official reveal from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Twisted Metal is the second PlayStation Productions project, following its highly anticipated adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, will which air on HBO in early 2023. It will be followed by an adaptation of Guerilla Games’ dystopian sci-fi series, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Twisted Metal will premiere on Peacock in 2023.

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