Twelve Minutes arrives soon, and here are some snippets of its star-studded cast at work

I am simply here for this Willem Dafoe voice acting energy

Twelve Minutes has been a long time coming. After years of show demos and scattered demos, Luis Antonio’s time-looping thriller will launch later this month with a star-studded voice cast. Today, we got a glimpse into how that cast is melding together.

Over on Collider, the outlet got an exclusive look behind the scenes at the making of Twelve Minutes, including interviews with its voice cast. Revealed last year, three stars are taking on the lead roles. James McAvoy plays the husband, Daisy Ridley the wife, and Willem Dafoe returns to video game work as the intruder.

The whole video is really engrossing, and I can’t recommend enough you watch it, if only to see these three actors really get into the voice acting. Bringing in celebrities to voice act in video games can either be a smash hit or an egregious error, depending on how well they adapt to it.

Honestly, I’m digging these performances from McAvoy, Ridley, and Dafoe. It remains to be seen how well they incorporate into Twelve Minutes as an interactive narrative, but their roles and characterizations come across clear in the clips we see. McAvoy sounds like a befuddled, frustrated man trying to solve a time-looping conundrum, Ridley incorporates tones of both warmth and ire when the need arises, and Dafoe just brings it with the dynamics.

It might have been a long time coming, but it’s impressive to see just how Twelve Minutes has evolved over the years; from indie darling to an Annapurna-published production with some major star power and a Tribeca selection.

We’ll see what all the voice performance and star-power brings to the table when Twelve Minutes arrives on Xbox consoles and PC on Aug. 19, 2021.

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