The marvelous Tunic ventures onto PlayStation platforms in September

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Ba-dawm, bawm-bawwwm… Fox-yyy

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Fun news for adventure-loving PlayStation fans this morning, as indie outfit Finji has announced that its celebrated adventure title Tunic will bring its adorable brand of exploration and mystery to both PS4 and PS5 this September.

Released on PC and Xbox platforms back in March of this year, Tunic is the tale… tail of an intrepid young fox who goes on a dangerous quest to free the soul of a once-legendary hero known only as The Heir. Our nameless hero explores the dense forests, ancient ruins, and dark, dingy caverns of a strange, fantasy kingdom, gathering the all-important pages of an ancient document that is said to contain the power to free The Heir from their prism prison. Battle monsters, solve puzzles, and uncover myriad secret pathways en route to glory.

Tunic received almost universal praise from critics and the video game community, praising its stylish but cute visuals, challenging combat, and its seemingly endless array of secrets and mysteries to be unfurled. With great boss battles, a fantastic and immersive soundtrack, and a compelling story of bravery, courage, and determination, Tunic won over almost all players and critics who encountered it, and is now getting set to spread its fine spirit among a whole new audience of players on PlayStation.

Tunic launches September 27 on PlayStation platforms. It is available to purchase right now on PC and Xbox. For further reading, you can check out our own Zoey Handley’s thoughts on the pint-sized adventure right here.

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