Tropico 5 is free on the Epic Games Store and here’s what to expect for the rest of the giveaway

Set reminders for the upcoming games you want

We’re halfway through the Epic Games Store’s 15 Days of Free Games promo. I’ve already missed a couple – it’s easy to forget about this stuff on the weekend! – but I’ve taken notes for the rest.

Epic’s free PC game for December 23 is the city-builder Tropico 5, and it’s claimable for 24 hours.

This is another name from the leaked list of games you might’ve seen floating around. So far, so good, and barring any last-minute switcheroos, we should know what to expect for the rest of the giveaway.

Based on that so-far-legit list, there’s still Inside (December 24), Darkest Dungeon (December 25), My Time at Portia (December 26), Night in the Woods (December 27), Stranded Deep (December 28), Solitairica (December 29), Torchlight II (December 30), and Jurassic World Evolution (December 31).

If the giveaway doesn’t pan out exactly this way, don’t come for me – I’ll be in a secure location.

Jordan Devore
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