Triangle Strategy is coming to Steam this October

Triangle Strategy

An obvious Steam Deck candidate

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It’s been a stellar year for strategy games, and now one is making the leap from Switch to PC. Triangle Strategy is coming to Steam on October 13.

Square Enix announced the port today, amid all the news blasting out during and just after the Nintendo Direct. The Steam port rolls in with two options: a $59.99 base game (currently at a 10% discount) or a $64.99 digital deluxe that comes with a digital artbook. You can also opt to bundle a Triangle Strategy purchase with the newly ported Various Daylife, if you need more than just one RPG in your near future.

Triangle Strategy is a strategy RPG from Square Enix and Artdink, that takes very much after its genre predecessors. It follows Serenoa Wolffort, the heir-to-be of a house caught in the tensions between several nations.

If you’re in the market for a strategy RPG with some political tension and interesting choices, Triangle Strategy is very much up your alley. It’s also got a classic approach to tactics that reminded me of both Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics when I was playing it.

Choose your own path

Triangle Strategy has a fantastic combat system and set of classes, with every character bringing their own twist to the lineup. There are multiple paths and a “golden route” to unlock as well. It seems like a great strategy RPG to pick up for Steam Deck users (fingers crossed it gets Verified status as soon as possible).

In my review, my only shortcomings centered on the dialogue and story pacing, which can wear on a bit. Otherwise, if you’re someone seeking tactics on the PC, there’s no reason not to eye Triangle Strategy. And please, oh please, let’s see some sick mods for this one too.

Triangle Strategy hits Steam on October 13.

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