Toys”R”Us sending out amiibo discount codes to those who had canceled orders

Pit and Little Mac in-stock at GameStop

[Update: Pit seems to be back out of stock.]

It looks like the Lucario incident of 12/19 is coming to an end. After abrubtly canceling hundreds of orders for their exclusive Lucario amiibo, Toys”R”Us has re-instated some orders, and promised another group of people (who payed with PayPal or a gift card) another means of ordering. That method is clear as of this week.

If you were in the fabled “group two,” check your email now, as you may have a redemption code for Lucario or some of your canceled Wave 3 orders. The affected amiibo are currently $999 online, so the coupon will bring it back down to $10.99 — ensuring that scalpers can’t grab your stock.

The elusive Pit and Little Mac are also in stock now at Go ahead and grab them at the aforementioned links!

Chris Carter
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