Toys “R” Us’ exclusive Lucario amiibo is sold out online

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I really like covering toys on Destructoid. I get to talk to a ton of like-minded collectors, share shopping strategies, and the community in general always comes together to help one another. It’s a feel-good experience even with scalpers on the loose.

Just so you’re aware, the Lucario amiibo is now sold out on Toys “R” Us’ website, and many stores as a result are no longer taking pre-orders. Now, this doesn’t mean that there will be no more stock in the future, as Nintendo could up the pre-order count with the retailer or stock them after it actually comes out in February.

But as it stands, I would add Lucario to your wishlist and sign up for notifications for when it’s available. Also, think about pre-ordering Shulk and Meta Knight now at GameStop and Best Buy respectively if you want them.

Lucario amiibo [Toys “R” Us]

Chris Carter
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