Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a floppy good time

It’s free for a limited time

Starting life as an April Fools’ gag before morphing into something a bit more fleshed-out, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a “last-weirdo-standing” battle royale with “physics-based EVERYTHING.” As someone who’s partial to these games and not completely burned out on them yet, I’m feeling it.

Better yet, if you nab TAB in its first 100 hours, it’s free. After that point, it’ll cost $5.

The developers at Landfall (Clustertruck, Stick Fight, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) describe this as “an homage to a game we love,” noting that they “spend an enormous amount of lunch breaks and nights playing PUBG.” It was meant to launch in April but networking issues held up the release.

Despite TAB‘s bouncy physics and inherent silliness, the gunplay is surprisingly tight.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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