Too Buu for You: Dragon Ball FighterZ and Xenoverse 2 go Buu crazy

Character trailer and new DLC respectively

He’s one of the most recognizable Dragon Ball characters to date — he has his own verse in a Frank Ocean song — Buu has been a staple of the series for a long time, and his popularity train isn’t going to be derailed anytime soon.

As announced by Bandai Namco, he’s going to be appearing in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and you can get a quick look at his character model and moveset with the below 30 second-ish clip. Yep, he has his “turn people into candy and eat them” ability. Oh, and there’s also going to be a secret “collect all seven Dragon Ball” mode.

In other Buu news, Gohan-absorbed Buu is coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as DLC, along with Dabura (the devil guy that turns people to stone).

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