Tons of ports and existing games are coming to the Vita

Do you want to play a port?

The Vita is getting a lot of games soon — it’s just that most of them aren’t actually exclusive or new. Announced today at the PlayStation Experience are ports for The Banner Saga, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, Bastion, Super Time Force, Grim FandangoTowerfall, and Octodad.

You’ll also see the release of the highly coveted Suikoden series, with both 1 and 2 hitting the Vita next week. This is in addition to the announcements for Day of the Tentacle and Shovel Knight.

When the Vita does get the occasional exclusive game it’s actually pretty neat — I’ve been playing Freedom Wars a lot lately. Where’s my Gravity Rush 2 announcement Sony?

Chris Carter
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