Tomb Raider? I hardly even know her, and it’s even harder to pick her out on account of all the Croft cosplayers at this SDCC event

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San Diego Comic-Con is a breeding ground for cosplay. You’ll find everything from the most amateur of outfits to the best professional-grade costumes. People really like to dress up like the things they really like.

Microsoft is making a concerted effort to round up everyone who cosplays as one particular character. As promotion of sorts for temporary Xbox One exclusive Rise of the Tomb raider, Microsoft’s organized a gathering for all Lara Crofts at the show. It’s on Saturday July 11 at 10 am Pacific at the Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

Of course, this will be more than a handful of Laras awkwardly staring at one another. Microsoft’s put together a bunch of activities, autograph sessions, giveaways, and whatnot. Afterward, feel free to keep the party goin’; if someone wants to use Google Maps to find some local tombs to raid, there will rarely be a better time to do that.

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