Tokyo Tattoo Girls is a game you can preorder

Be gentle, Senpai

The PS Vita has been sustained over the past few years almost entirely on titles where a girl falls down, makes a squeak noise, blushes, and her boobs bounce around. I don’t know how you’d label that as a genre.

But if you are into those sorts of games, which some of my friends are even if I am too good for that as an adult man *quietly pushes Senran Kagura merchandise under the bed* Vita is where you are going to find them, and one more is on the way courtesy of NISA.

A strategy game set in a post calamity Tokyo, a bunch of cute girls realize they have special abilities granted to them via the power of getting tattoos. Or something.

Like a cross between Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the feeling of shame you get when you are rubbing one out and your dad walks in so you put your school binder on your lap to pretend you were just doing your homework (piss off, dad) the game is coming to PC and PlayStation Vita at an unannounced date in 2017.

As usual with most NISA related titles, it is sporting a pretty decent limited collectors edition. The odd thing I have picked up from them over the years has typically been packed with goodies. Not every game they put out is a gem, but I like them overall as a company and they have a lot of love for every release they put out.

Joel Peterson