Tokusatsu fans, look! Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight screens

What’s tokusatsu, you ask? Well, it’s a Japanese word that roughly translates to “special effects”, referring to live action films with superheroes. Kamen Rider fans already know this all too well, but for those of you that don’t, there’s a bit of trivia!

D3 has a game coming out for Wii and DS based on the currently airing Saturday morning show Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, and at a glance I’d say it classifies as a kids game. On the other hand, you can play as a Kamen Rider, which kind of kicks a lot of ass. The game will be out this Winter, so if you have that itch only a cheesy superhero game can scratch, you might want to check this out.


LOS ANGELES – September 15, 2009 – The first screenshots of the upcoming Kamen Rider Dragon Knight videogame from D3Publisher are now available.  The Kamen Rider Dragon Knight videogame is based on the new TheCW4Kids live action TV series that airs every Saturday morning.  In the videogame, fight as your favorite Kamen Rider on Wii™ or Nintendo DS™ in battle and mission mode when the game ships to stores this winter.  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is under development by Eighting and is rated “T” (Teen – Violence) by the ESRB on Wii and its companion on DS is under development by Natsume and is rated “T” (Teen – Fantasy Violence) by the ESRB.  For more information on the upcoming videogame, please go to the Web site at

About Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Videogame

Based on the new TheCW4Kids live action TV series, the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight videogame is an intense action packed hero game where players will have the opportunity to experience the exciting Kamen Rider adventure firsthand.  Gamers will be able to play as all 13 Kamen Riders, each with their own unique Advent Cards and special abilities.  Take part in the action with multiple game modes allowing players to battle head-to-head or fight legions of enemies as they explore Ventara and stop the menacing plot of General Xaviax.

About Kamen Rider Dragon Knight TV Series

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight follows the heroic adventures of teenager Kit Taylor, who discovers a mysterious deck of Advent Cards that grant him the power to transform into an ancient armored warrior called a Kamen Rider.  He joins his comrade, Kamen Rider Wing Knight, to battle the alien renegade warlord, General Xaviax, and his army in both the real world and an alternate reality called Ventara, or the Mirror World.

The U.S. broadcast began airing Saturday morning’s on TheCW4Kids on January 2009.  The TV series have also began airing in Mexico and Brazil and plans for worldwide broadcast in Latin America, Asia and Europe.  For more information about the TV series, please go to the official Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Web site at

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