Today’s Xbox One holiday bundle is really two bundles

More Gears and some Kinect

Microsoft’s double-dippin’ in more ways than one today. For its fourth Xbox One holiday bundle, it has actually announced two different packages. That’s more than we expected, but one of them is kind of a retread from earlier this week.

The culprit is another Gears of War set that’s inferior to Tuesday’s in every way except that it comes with a white Xbox One instead of the standard black one. For $349, this has a 500GB hard drive, Gears of War, and early access to a Gears 4 beta. Also, it’s only available at Walmart and won’t release until sometime in November (despite all individual pieces having already been out for quite some time). If you require some extra pizzazz from the box sitting underneath your television, maybe this holds more allure than the better bundle that costs $50 extra.

Continuing the theme of lackluster offerings, a Kinect bundle is also on the table. This console comes with a 500GB hard drive, a Kinect, Dance Central Spotlight, Zoo Tycoon, and Kinect Sports Rivals for $499. That’s basically the original price of the Xbox One when Kinect was considered “an integral part of the system” with three old, bargain-priced games slapped on.

Suddenly, those Tomb Raider and Gears of War/Rare Replay/Ori sets aren’t looking so bad.

Join Delta Squad or Break a Sweat with One of These New Xbox One Bundles [Xbox Wire]

Brett Makedonski
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