Today-only deal: first discount on the PlayStation VR headset

First discount on PS VR arrives

Here’s a quick Tuesday trivia question: Which online retailer would be the first to discount the PlayStation VR headset? Amazon, GameStop, Target, perhaps Walmart? Nope. The answer is Monoprice.

The value-oriented generic brand electronics retailer, while generally computer and audio focused, does carry the occasional gaming console deals. Today it’s offering the popular PS VR headset with a 5% price cut down to $379.99. The $20 discount is the first price break we’ve spotted to date on the virtual realty headset from Sony.

This is a today-only offer so if you’ve been eyeing a PS VR headset and want to reap a little bit of savings, you really can’t go wrong. For those that don’t reside in either CA and KY, you’ll also be able to pick up some extra savings from the lack of sales tax being charged. Note that while Monoprice usually offers further discounts when you buy multiple units, even if you pick up 50 of these the price will remain firm at $379.99 (duh).

With this first deal on the PlayStation VR, we’re hoping this means supplies have finally caught up to demand and you should be able to easily find units in stock at your local stores, no matter the region you reside. Let us know in the comments if the expires early or goes out of stock.

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