Today on Impulse, we share our thoughts on Fortnite: Endgame, the new Avengers-themed mode!

I’d like to imagine those that were snapped were sent to a Fortnite realm, forever trapped

In today’s episode of Impulse, Justin and I check out Fortnite: Endgame! Unlike the previous Thanos event in Fortnite, this event is now a team-based mode pitting Fortnite characters with Avengers-themed weaponry against Thanos and the Chitauri as they attempt to gather the Infinity Stones. As someone who’s only previously played Fortnite for a couple of minutes at most, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Initially, I thought this would be another remix of the standard battle royale mode, so, to end up playing a team-based affair was kinda refreshing.

However, there are definitely still some elements from the standard Fortnite Battle Royale such as the circle closing around you and utilizing the same map. All in all, though, it’s a fun little crossover event that is certainly going to bring in new players. As one of those new players without much interest in the core modes, I certainly had my share of fun. Considering Fortnite is also free-to-play and available on every device under the sun, I think it’s worth at least checking out while this event lasts if you’re looking for a few fun hours to burn away with some friends.

Dan Roemer
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