Toby Fox says not to expect another Deltarune chapter this year

No more Deltarune until 2023

As a veteran of internet culture and creative, interactive storytelling, Toby Fox has been revered for years now as the creator modern classic game Undertale, as well as his newest game Deltarune. The first two chapters of Deltarune were released back in October 2018 and February 2019 respectively, so it’s been quite a while since fans have seen an update on the game. This week, however, Fox took to Twitter to provide a much-needed Deltarune update.

“We don’t be able to put out any new chapters of DELTARUNE this year,” Fox said. Well, at least he’s straightforward. Then he teases “something special” coming up to celebrate the anniversary of Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 2so there’s something coming relatively soon.

We’ll just have to hold out a bit longer. For what it’s worth, you can’t really blame Fox for taking his time considering he’s pretty much the only one who works on these games. Making a game at all is an impressive enough feat, let alone doing all the coding, art, music, and so on completely by yourself.

In the meantime, though you can get your next fix of Undertale at an awesome pop-up event — so long as you live in Southern California, anyway.

From September 15 through October 10, Requiem Café in Anaheim will be hosting an event in honor of Undertale‘s seventh anniversary, which includes special themed food and drink items like colorful macarons and milk tea, as well as exclusive merchandise like shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more. The café is not taking any reservations for the event, but walk-ins are of course welcome.

If nothing else, a delicious peach tea with strawberry and spicy mango and some chocolate blood orange donuts will be enough to get me by. Make sure to check out the menu, because it all looks amazing.

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