Titanfall 2’s next update marks the return of Colony

Look for Colony Reborn on March 30

A week from now, you should think about popping Titanfall 2 back in — even if only for a few rounds.

Respawn Entertainment is bringing out Colony Reborn, based on the dense town center map from the original game, as well as the R-101 with an ACOG scope and a nasty “curb check” execution. That’s all coming for free, along with some paid Titan cosmetics for Northstar and Legion.

Whenever I see trailers like this for multiplayer games, I count my sweet blessings that I don’t have to play against these folks. They’d tear me to shreds! Thankfully, there’s another Titanfall 2 free weekend trial event on the way (March 30 to April 3) with access to the full multiplayer experience, Training Gauntlet, and campaign mission The Beacon. That’ll give us an influx of fresh meat.

Frontier News Network 3.23.2017: Colony Reborn [Titanfall]

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