TimeSplitters Rewind now targeting a 2017 release

Pictured: Our crystallized hopes and dreams

A fan-made, Crytek-approved TimeSplitters project is the stuff of dreams. That’s what we’re meant to get with TimeSplitters Rewind, the long-talked-about multiplayer-only mashup of Free Radical’s zany first-person shooter series. Yep, the game is still coming, and now it’s due out this year.

That tidbit — a date change from “2018” to “2017” — is all we’re getting out of this teaser. You aren’t going to see any footage of shotgun-wielding ducks or skeleton men wrapped in green flames. Rather, it’s crystals. Just crystals floating around in space for well over a minute. Yeah, I don’t know either.

I’m filing this project in my mind under “Hope it comes to fruition.” And if it does, I also hope it’s good on its own merits and accurate to the source material, which is no easy task. If all else fails, I’ll continue digging out my copy of TimeSplitters 2 about once a year or so and cherishing the heck out of it.

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