Tim Schafer retells the story of how he got his first job

In celebration of hitting his twentieth year of being involved in the games industry, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has posted an insightful, entertaining, and decidedly honest look at what it took for him to push his way in and become the man we all know and love (it’s platonic, I swear!) today.

It would be cruel of me to give away the story, so I won’t. If you are at all interested in landing a job somewhere in the gaming industry, or just plain enjoy reading about how well-known individuals started out, you owe it to yourself to read Tim’s post.

I’m always fascinated by these stories primarily because I can relate to the feeling of pure, manly enthusiasm that overcomes you when you get hired by a company you deeply care for and are immensely passionate about.

I think my co-workers can attest to this powerful feeling that luck/fate/chaos has granted us.

[Thanks, Husky Hog]

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