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Thymesia glooms onto PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X in August

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If you lack your action RPGs a little on the bleak side, (and given our community’s love for FromSoft, I’d wager that you do), then you might want to mark your calendars for August 9, for that is the day Team17 will release its grim-looking adventure Thymesia on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

An old forgotten kingdom finds itself ridden with calamity after its love of the newly discovered skill of alchemy goes a step too far. Grasping defeat from the jaws of victory, the city is now plagued with disease, death, and a menagerie of gruesome monsters. Only a mysterious, amnesiac wanderer seems to hold any hope for the citizens of this doomed ‘burg, and they must now sally forth on the plague-soaked streets. Cheery.

The player will guide the protagonist, Corvus, as they attempt to clean the kingdom of nightmarish beasts, utilizing an array of mythical weaponry, and some surprisingly avian abilities, to carve their way through the darkness. As Corvus makes their way through the city, they will harness the powers of their enemies to forge new weaponry, turning the powers of a gallery of boss beasties back against themselves. In addition, Corvus will regain knowledge of their own origins, and how their own life ties into the cursed land.

While soaring somewhat under the radar, Thymesia doesn’t look too bad at all in this new trailer. I like the acrobatic combat, cool spirit weaponry, and that creepy bat boss is suitably nasty. For those looking to scratch their down and dirty RPG vibes in a post-Elden Ring summer, this might just fit the bill, keeping the black clouds rolling in against the sun-filled August backdrop. But then, I’m kinda goth like that.

Thymesia launches August 9 on PS5, PC (via Steam), and Xbox Series X.

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