Three versions of Halo Legends hitting February 9th

Need more Halo in your life? Good. Warner Entertainment just dropped the release date and packaging details of Halo Legends, an eight-episode anime series that explores the fiction of the Halo universe. According to that official release, three versions of the game are slated to thump onto shelves on February 9th.

The series will be distributed as both a Special Edition and a standard DVD package

The SE — available on DVD and Blu-ray — is a 2-disc joint, featuring “Making Of” segments for each episode, as well as an exploratory piece on how Halo has progressed since it’s Xbox days (“Halo: Gaming Evolved”), audio commentary with Frank O’Connor and Joseph Chou, and widescreen format. 

The Blu-ray version of the SE package will include an even more extra bonus called “Halo: the Story So Far,” which documents the fiction from the original game to Halo 3. The standard DVD, on the other hand, will just have the episodes.

The SE sets are priced at 29.98 and 34.99 for the DVD and Blu-ray respectively, while the single disc will be available for $19.98.

Also, these episodes can be purchased digitally. Somewhere. Somehow.

Brad BradNicholson