Three No More Heroes clips: Suda51 killed Owen Hart

Professional wrestling has long attracted a wide swath of people: from men lacking proper education and/or teeth who enjoy public homoeroticism, to men too insecure to watch soap operas yet secure (or oblivious) enough to enjoy public homoeroticism. It doesn’t help things that rasslin’ has been going rapidly downhill since its heyday in the 80s when Vince McMahon single-handedly turned it from a revered gentleman’s club to the sort of mainstream soft-core porno palatable to the MTV generation, but I digress. This post isn’t about how easy to insult fans of wrestling are, instead it’s about the three No More Heroes clips attached above and beyond the jump that demonstrate the Japanese love for faux pugilism.

Watching these two clips, I’m more excited than ever for Suda51’s upcoming title, if only because it will answer the age old question: Why would a hero who carries a glowing sword worry about the complexities of sheathing and unsheathing when he can use his crotch to throw someone around the room?

Hit the jump for dos mas.

Power Bomb:


Brain Buster:


Earnest Cavalli
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