Three new Fallout 3 screens: Running out of ways to say ‘do want’

Here are some new Fallout 3 screens. OK, let me back up for a second and say we think these are new Fallout 3 screens. That last few times Bethesda Softworks has sent some screens our way, a few of you have yelled “OLD!” in our general direction. In any case, here they are, and not much has changed — we’d still step on your grandma to get our hands on this game.

What more is there to say really? We had a first look preview of the game about a year ago, and it looked great then. Then, we saw it — but didn’t play it — again back in April and it was looking even better. Stop teasing us already, Bethesda. Cough up the goods, God damn it.

We’ll be playing it soon, though. We’ve scribbled something that looks like “Fallout 3” in our E3 planners (although it kind of looks like “failrat” upon further inspection), so look for hands-on coverage next month.

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