Three games in the Tales series are on sale on Steam

Let the good deals roll

Tales of Berseria came and went for me. My backlog was huge at the time (and still is) so I never got to experience it. I have sporadically played different entries in the franchise over the years, enjoying Tales of Symphonia most of all. There is a very passionate fan base surrounding it, and every entry does something a little different than the last.

Now might be a good time to strike if like me, you have been sitting on the fence for the most recent entry. Tales of Berseria, Tales of Zestiria, and Tales of Symphonia are all on a decent sale on the Steam store. Zestiria and Symphonia are 75% off, and Berseria is 40% off.

The sale is running until August 4 if anyone is looking to get their anime RPG fix for a decent price.

Joel Peterson