Threadless holds contest to design an E for All shirt, winner gets to attend

Half my closet consists of t shirts. The other half is filled with stiletto pumps and goat costumes with neon genitalia, but that’s a story best saved for another time. After their awesome competition to design a BioShock shirt as a part of their “Loves Threadless” series, the video game love has continued — this time to design an E for All shirt based on the theme “Power Up And Play.” I’m not sure whether E for All is going to be a memorable, fun event or a complete trainwreck, but either way you can’t beat going for free. The submission deadline is October 1st and the grand prize includes the trip to the event, a Nintendo Wii, a $500 Threadless giftcard and $2000 cash. I’m tempted to enter anyway and just pretend I don’t already live in LA. I envision my design with cartoon versions of Sony and Microsoft shaking their heads at the event logo. I am pretty sure this design will not win, however.

Colette Bennett