THQ’s earnings call reveals sequelmania for 2011/2012

“What are you selling?” asked the hooded guy in Resident Evil 4. Me? Nothing really. I got this Sony netbook up for grabs. THQ, on the other hand, has a whole bunch of sequels for you, stashed away in their jacket.

From THQ’s earnings call today, several announcements were made for the next couple of years:

  • A sequel to Red Faction (2011)
  • Home Front (2011, I saw it at E3 last year)
  • Warhammer Space Marine (2012, also saw a preview at E3)
  • Saint’s Row sequel (2012)
  • Darksiders sequel (2012)

Wow, guys. Lots of potentially huge games lined up. Although early, I remember Home Front being particularly nice looking (shown above). 

Sounds like THQ has their work cut out for them. I hope we get to see some of this stuff at E3 2010.

Also, while this wasn’t in Geoff’s Tweet lineup, de Blob is also coming back!

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