This Week in the Community: The Miami and Baltimore NARPs were epic

Tubatic’s collection is probably one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen simply for the fact that he has all of his boxes still. The Ataris, Turbo Grafix, original Game Boy, Coleco Vision, everything has a box! I don’t know what it was about being a young gamer that made me want to throw all of my boxes away. Sure, they take up room, but everything is worth so much more just because of the boxes. Check out some more pictures of Tubatic’s collection on his C Blog.

Cataract is holding a Destructoid Secret Santa, everyone is loving the new Xbox 360 Avatars, Blindside Dork made a dozen blogs about the Baltimore NARP, there’s a Dtoid Club House in PlayStation Home, SakuChan recapped the Miami NARP, and plenty more happened this past week in the Community.  

ScottyG reviewed Tomb Raider Legend and OH MY GWAD! MY EYES! MY EYES! GHAHHHHHHH!

jestarinc has uploaded the Dtoid stencil image for all to use. Careful where you use it. We will not bail you out if you get caught!

SilverDragon1979 celebrated his friend’s birthday by wrapping everything in his office with aluminum foil. He picked up 1500 square feet worth of industrial strength aluminum foil and took about four hours with three of his friends to wrap the entire office. 

Yashoki has set up a community server for Dtoiders to play Left 4 Dead on. Remember though, you can’t play as any of the four main characters because of the staff’s dibs on them. 

Damn. Jim Sterling is hawt.

Well isn’t this nice! Cataract wants to hold a Secret Santa for Destructoid this year. If you don’t know what a Secret Santa is, well, then you’re a terrorist (HAH! IT’S OK! I CAN GET AWAY WITH THAT JOKE!) Anyway, if you’re interested in participating, then please get in touch with Cataract. You have until this coming Tuesday to join in on the fun. 

Listen up trolls: It’s fine you want to be a fucking asshole and dicks to everyone on the site, but please, GET AN AVATAR. It’s not that hard to do. 

wilbo <3 Genki-Jam. 

BlindsideDork is a blogging machine! The Baltimore NARP took place last week and Blindside has a ton of videos to share with everyone. Up above is a montage of it all. Other videos from the NARP include Nick Chester hating on Rock Band, people playing Rock Band, Cowzilla being logical, eating food, talking about videogames, BlindsideDork being a dick by tricking people and finally, videos of some Dtoiders singing at karaoke.   

solidgoomba makes awesome shirts. 

dvddesign and DJDuffy had an avatar party. 

Scrixx won stuff! Yay!

craineum has created an app that shows all Avatars from Dtoiders. 

necrozen has set up a Destructoid Club House in Home.

Here’s the group shot containing nothing but Avatars made by Dtoiders. Nice job putting all together bunnyrabbit2

Ali D wants to start up a community podcast for Australian Dtoiders. If you’re an Aussie, let Ali D know you’d want to help out.

Necros reviewed the Fallout 3 collector’s edition box set. That’s a sweet watch. 

FAILCAST episode 20 is up with special guest Samit Sarkar.

Dale North hates animals, CONFIRMED!

atheistium complied a lit of Dtoid groups on other sites such as Facebook, MySpace and so on. 

RioMcCarthy is having a sale on her Etsy store! Go buy her cute hats!

Mikey is an amazing artist

Highlights end this week with SakuChan’s Miami NARP recap. Over 300 people showed up to the NARP where there were a ton of competitions and cool things to pick up. There were even Destructoid cookies. COOKIES!

Happy birthday wishes go out to:

Rider Chop
Zen Albatross

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