This Week in the Community: The Destructoid tattoo

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This Week in the Community is your weekly look at all the happenings going down within the Destructoid Community.

Today’s game room belongs to Joe “Buck F1tches” Burling. It’s probably one of the simplest game rooms I have ever featured, but simple can be the hotness too. The moveable TV stand is really what makes the room. Check out Joe’s C-Blog for more pictures of his setup.

Craineum has created Mr. Destructoid helmets, the DtoidNewEngland group is go, we’re planning a PAX documentary, Pendelton21 is getting a Destructoid tattoo with your help, Funktastic is loaded and plenty more happened within the community over the last two weeks.

Anyone going to WonderFest 09? It’s happening on May 16 in Louisville, Kentucky and pendelton21 will be there!

What the fuck are you doing, Mr. Destructoid? 

Happy birthday Genki-JAM
Togail draws some more awesome. This time it’s the Uroboros from Resident Evil 5 and a Brute from Dead Space. He also has prints for sale now
DestructoidArtisans takes a closer look at Faith. 
manasteel88 is back with more of his RetroforceGO! videos. This time it’s for episode 36.
Dtoid Community Discusses the Game Developers Conference with guests Dexter345, Guagloves, Batthink, Bwark-Kupo. Tactix then discussed videogame movies with guest Wexx, Mid3vol, Suff0cat and Bleach Boy.
GrumpyTurtle colors in some more of his awesome drawing: 04/07, 04/09, 04/14 and 04/16.
Holy win! Craineum has made Mr. Destructoid helmets for all to buy! There are two versions, just the face and the full helmet and they’re both on sale on his Etsy store
Check out the DtoidNewEngland group
Who wants some Tomopop coasters
FAILCAST episode 32 and episode 33
Faith’s Chocobo is very happy.
Destructoid is looking to film a documentary of our pilgrimage to PAX 2009. Check out eternalplayer2345’s blog about it and let us know if you’re interested in assisting! 
Here are two lost videos by Anthony Burch.
Colette Bennett guest starred on the latest Backwards Compatible Podcast. 
Pendelton21 has some videogame related Perler beads on sale. Speaking of Pendelton, he’s getting a Destructoid tattoo at PAX and YOU get to decide where and what it’s going to be. 
Topher is giving up smoking with the help of the DS smoking game. Good luck Topher!
shadowsinthenyte is working on making a Bomberman hat. Check out the beginning of the project here
Hey look, it’s Dyson in Game Informer!
Funktastic is loaded. Seriously, how else can he afford ALL OF THIS?!
Highlights end this week with some more of Phallus Knife Fights fan art to Podtoid.
Happy birthday wishes go out to Gibbo, PetiePal, ZeroAtma, Teta, Mikey, The GHost, Seigfreid, Dock, taylordotcom, flaming burrito, Hairdo, DavebubFPS, _peachboy, Iconsam and Tubatic! 

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