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Dtoid Community Discusses pt 12: GDC

Hey all!

Long time no discuss! Its been a crazy month with the Anniversary party and GDC happenings here in San Francisco that its been pretty hard to keep my blogging going. Coupled with the fact that grad school has been really busy lately, and I basically needed to take last week off from posting a discusses. But things have slowed just a bit, so here we go!

Like I mentioned before, GDC happened recently....and therefore there is alot to discuss. As always, here is the topic I sent out to the panel


This week�s topic of conversation is GDC. First off, we saw lots of things from Nintendo, such as Rock and Roll Climber and the new Zelda game. We also saw the unveiling of OnLive, which has the potential to turn the gaming industry on its head. And we also got some "on the street" discussion from our own editors about PSP2 rumors. :D

What did you guys think of all the GDC coverage? Were you pleased with what was announced? What are you excited about/ not excited about?

This week's panel consists of Dexter345, Guagloves, Bwark-Kupo, and Batthink. Read on to see what they had to say!

New PSP Rumors brought to you by our own editors....damn they looked fly walking the streets of SF


I'm about to make a comparison that is a bit of a stretch, so to all of you reading, please bare with me. During the last generation we had the Playstation 2, a console that enjoyed success across continents, compelling third party developers the world over to develop original and exciting new properties. This generation we haven't had a console like that. The 360 hasn't enjoyed success in Japan and the Playstation 3's high price point has kept it from topping the charts.

My point is, the only console that's shown that kind of market potential this generation is the DS. For that reason alone, I can't bring myself to invest in a Playstation Portable. The DS has so much potential in it's library of games. So far Nintedo has put out three DS's over the course of five years. That's really not so bad if you think about it. The first one was criticized for its shape and weight, so Nintedo fixed that. That's just an upgrade.

The DSi is the first portable from Nintendo to offer us something new, larger screens, a download service, and two touch screens. If you don't want to upgrade, don't upgrade. No one is forcing you to.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this weeks discussion! As always, if you want in on a discussion, send me an email to [email protected] with your Dtoid username in the subject line! See you next week! <3
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