This Week in the Community: Secret Santatoid

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

Cataract has once again taken charge and is holding an unofficial Destructoid Secret Santa. Hit up Cataract with your details if you’d like to give a Dtoider a little Christmas gift this year. You can get more details over on Cataract’s blog.

DtoidUK visited Eurogamer, Destructoid community discusses returned, check out some of the Halloween costumes Dtoiders wore, IRC is full of love and much more happened this past week in the Community.

DtoidUK has been on a roll lately and been having a lot of fun and excitement over in the UK. The lot recently went to Eurogamer where they got to check out a bunch of games that aren’t out yet and just had a good time in each others company.

Join Everday Legend and some other Florida Dtoiders at the Daytona Beach First Round tournament.

Drunkcast episode 13.5. It’s different!

Touya made this neat Sonic vs. Flash drawing.

The latest episode of Let’s Cybercast guest stars bushofghosts.

Destructoid community discusses digital distribution with Tactix, Kauza, Gatsby and Joshhest.

Anthony, Ashley and Ashly did a scene for the Star Wars Uncut fan project.

Refused Classification, the podcast by Aussie Dtoiders, episode 16.

Here are some Halloween costumes and gaming pumpkins from mustbeandrew, MiOdd, WankerJist, geralog, chuchoyei and cdevildevil. Also, here’s Ashley Davis’s costume and protoknuckles costume inspired by Ashley’s Halloween costume idea post. And here’s superhobo’s as Mr. Destructoid for Halloween!

More Destructoid-Halloween lovin’ from pixelpunk with his pixel grave image. Speaking of pixelpunk, check out the game he made! And here’s the latest episode of STFUAJPGM!

Dexter345 recapped DtoidLosAngeles’ Halloween party. Chad Concelmo was dressed up as a giant douche bag.

robotbebop needs you help! If you got some spare time, send him a message.

IRC is full of love. Love love love love love.

P-Dude made some custom Scribblenauts shoes.

Want to be part of a future Destructoid video? If you got a microphone then just send us a message and you may very will be in one in the future!

GamingGoddess’s podcast, episode six.

Some nice art by Phoenix Gamma!

And some nice art by Hoygeit!

Happy birthday wishes to Antwhan, SilverDragon, Nick Chester, Tales of Saku, IronPikeman and SnakeDude4Life.

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