This Week in the Community: Living the dream

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This amazing poster was designed by the one and only Mikey Turvey. Mr. Destrutoid looks at the stars as he sits on a pile of videogame weapons. Before you ask, yes, the “Living the Dream” poster will be going on sale soon.

It’s been three weeks since the last community highlights collection so there’s plenty to catch-up on. Flooky is crazy, Mr Dillinger has creepy dreams, we have a lot of artists on Destructoid, Mxyzptlk makes funny videos, Dtoid Baltimore DC is hosting a NARP soon and more happened over the last few weeks.

Our anniversary was two weeks ago, but we still want to hear about your favorite memories at Destructoid. TELL US!


God told Power-Glove he sucks so he started up a memes blog.

The Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4.

CaptainBus’s comments of the week continues! Here’s week 4 and week 5.

flooky takes a break at work. Crazy girl.

wanderingpixel gave some community members the motivational posters treatment.

OH GOD HIDE THE KIDS! Garison is drunk again.

Kryptinite unboxes his Ultimate Edition copy of God of War III.

Fanboy Friday is going on hiatus because Jonathan Ross is a horrible human person thing.

GrumpyTurtle shares some of his awesome artwork.

Oh hey look! Jim Sterling is soooo important. He was a guest on Original Gamer and Machinima’s Inside Gaming.

I am in Mr Dillinger’s dreams. Creepy.

Diverse is a dick! Lol, no he’s not.

Here’s some art from SuitcoatAvenger!

Luke Barnard made a Destructoid themed Forza 3 car which you can download! Neat.

Phallus Knife Fight does some amazing art. Disturbing, but amazing.

Here’s some art from garganroo too.

Mxyzptlk and Mudkip KILL MR. DESTRUCTOID!

Attention: The Forums need you, Community! Will you answer the call?

Here’s some photos from MegaCon 2010 that PacoDG nabbed. Neat!

Cambodia is the place to visit for all of you wanting to live out your Shadow of the Colossus cosplay dreams!

S Pastic checks out the Mana Bar in Australia.

agius recapped the latest San Francisco based NARP.

321gocast episode 12 with guest Kauza.

Faith chatted it up with the one and only Bruce Campbell.

Dtoid Baltimore DC is hosting a NARP! The next NARP will be going down on from April 16 to April 18.

Highlights end with Animucast episode 9.

Also, happy birthday wishes to Cypher VR, Elsa, Hamza Aziz and GamesAreArt!

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