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Fanboy Friday is going on hiatus

So, I thought I could do this forever. I thought that fanboys would provide me with a never-ending stream of entertainment, and that we could all sit down and mock them until the end of time.

Unfortunately, after over a year of doing this, I think my brain is about to explode.

At the beginning, it was fun. Every week I'd find something new and ridiculous, some new insult, some new outrageous statement about the superiority/inferiority of a console, but it's at the point where it's stale now (and it's probably been stale for months). Every week is virtually the same -- people bitch about a game score, yell about the biggest exclusive of the week, and then talk about Halo and Mass Effect. If there is some sort of Fanboy revolution where they all suddenly become interesting again, the feature will probably come back. For now, it'll be taking a break.

Just wanted to let people know!
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