This straightforward overview video nails what sets the Nintendo Switch apart

Going over the three modes

One of the most confusing things about the Switch is how it has three different “modes.” The Wii U was the same way with two specifications, one of which (tablet only, or, “off-screen play”) may not have been supported. It’s the same thing for the Switch, so it’s important to understand how it works before you drop $300 on the thing and $50 or more on a game.

This video hits all the right notes, showcasing the TV mode (traditional console play), handheld mode (attach the two Joycon like a tablet and go, much like the Wii U GamePad), and tabletop mode (propped up with a stand with the two Joycon controllers off, for multiplayer).

The roughly three and a half minute clip is worth watching, as they also go over what the Joycon remotes can actually do, and beyond. With under a month to go for the Switch, now it’s just time to wait.

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