This Stardew Valley flower dance poster makes me want to play the game all over again

Stardew Valley flower dance

Don’t mind if I do

If I had a gold coin for every time I missed a Stardew Valley event, I’d have enough to make the Grandpa statue proud. This Stardew Valley flower dance poster on Reddit from artist hiphopapotamusss is fantastic in so many ways, and conveys just how limitless the Stardew art scene is.

First up, the details. They even give the date and the times of the dance on the poster itself! That’s the sort of info I need to burn into my brain now because on repeat plays, I completely forget when pretty much every important event is happening and they just sneak up on me. But we also get to see their interpretations of each character; making it really easy to spot your favorite at a glance.

Elaborating on their inspiration, a commenter points out that the poster has a ’60s/’70s cult horror vibe, which hiphopapotamusss notes they were “kind of going for.” If you’re interested, they have an Etsy store!

Here’s a link to the Stardew Valley flower dance poster:

They also did a striking piece of art for the Spirit’s Eve festival a few months back in a similar style, as well as fair and night market posters you can find in the Etsy link above:

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