There’s an easier way to know which items you need for the Community Center in Stardew Valley

Marnie's Ranch in Stardew Valley

Here’s another one of those “who knew!” Stardew Valley tips, and it’s right there in the UI

The creator of Stardew Valley shared a head-turning tip today on Twitter that the vast majority of us never knew about and potentially never would’ve spotted.

It turns out that you can tell if an item is still needed for a Community Center bundle just by looking at your inventory and paying close attention — no need to go there in person or even click the Community Center shortcut button to flip through the bundle pages.

I never caught on, but the Community Center icon will “pulsate” if the item is important.

As ConcernedApe says, this tiny but useful feature wasn’t included in the original version of the game, and “it’s a very subtle effect,” so it’s no wonder most of us miss it. That said, it’s not just a matter of this being a more recent addition and players having completed their bundles a long time ago; I would’ve glossed over this tidbit forever, guaranteed.

With the ability to randomize bundles in Stardew Valley as of Update 1.5, this at-a-glance trick is going to come in handy. I mean, I’m going to rely on the wiki — always  — but still.

Is there a “Today I Learned” blog that’s just about random neat video game finds? I want that beat!

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