This Splatoon Transformer is more than meets the eye

Beast Wars 2: Back in the Habit

I like Transformers a lot, and although I haven’t played Splatoon yet, I dig that game’s style. So a mix between Nintendo’s latest brainchild and Hasbro’s favorite son was bound to be a Mike Cosimano Favorite. A fan artist on Twitter — whose name I do not know, due to my very limited Japanese — posted this awesome piece a couple days ago.

Based on the faction symbol on her t-shirt and her alternate mode, this Squidling is obviously a member of the Maximals. There’s a lot of detail here, right down to the articulation molding in the arms and the gaps in the squid mode. I could see this becoming a toy very easily. But, in fairness, I see a lot of things becoming toys. Maybe that’s why I think amiibo are so nifty.

The Maximals, along with their duplicitous brethren the Predacons, were formed after the official end of Autobot/Decepticon hostilities. All Cybertronians took a body size downgrade after the war, in order to conserve dwindling resources. Since the Predacon Megatron* was actually more of a terrorist than a feared general, there were no official hostilities between the Maximals and the Predacons, mostly because Megatron conquered Cybertron before the cold war could heat up.

*The version of Megatron we see in Beast Wars is not the same Megatron from Generation 1. In fact, since Beast Wars takes place on prehistoric Earth, we see the cast meddle with the slumbering crew of the Ark, almost creating an apocalyptic time paradox.

Mike Cosimano