This real-life Mario Kart Live do-it-yourself fix is absolutely genius

Mario Kart Live fix

Cable runner

Mario Kart Live is a fun little game, but as I noted in my review, depending on what you make of it, it could be so much more. This Mario Kart Live fix from Twitter user Kenny England is proof of that.

It’s a story in four photos! England needed to run cable below their floorboards, and decided that Mario was the best man for the job. They tied cable to the kart, which can be controlled remotely via the Switch like a drone, and drove it underneath the floor to the other side. Retrieving the kart, they were able to successfully transport the wiring. As someone points out, it’s great that Mario wore an appropriate in-game outfit in the game to take on this Mario Kart Live fix.

England notes “up until it was a success I thought it was the stupidest idea” and that it was a “last resort.” While it might have seemed silly at the time, thousands of people are now in awe and are weighing in on how smart it is. The positive power of the internet!

I can’t really express how much I love this Mario Kart Live fix. I’ve spent my writing career cataloging offbeat solutions to problems, and this ranks up there as one of the more creative concepts. I remember having to run CAT-5 cable to craft a home network several decades ago, snaking wire through multiple floors (and a good deal of network engineering afterward). It’s tough work!

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