This Psychonauts making-of is a fun look at early Double Fine

The Color of the Sky in Your World

After hearing that Double Fine was crowdfunding Psychonauts 2, the first thought to pop in my head was “Will there be another documentary?” 2 Player Productions did such a remarkable job capturing the studio’s work on Broken Age and other projects. I’m desperate for more.

They’re back at it, already, with a Psychonauts retrospective video series called The Color of the Sky in Your World. All three parts are free on YouTube.

Beyond covering the game itself, there’s amusing archival footage from the studio’s early days. Part one has talk of junkies, exploding toilets, and love at first email. Part two has so-infuriating-you-have-to-laugh quotes from Psychonauts focus groups. Part three? I’m just now digging in!

Jordan Devore
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