This PSP Switch fan-created concept would actually be pretty cool

PSP Switch

I miss the PSP and Vita

Want a PSP Switch? Well you can’t have one, because it doesn’t exist! But this creator’s mockup is making it look like a convincing idea.

Crafted from the minds of Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti and shared on Yanko Design, the concept is deliberately mixing the PSP and the Switch together, pining for the days when the PSP existed, was thriving, and provided competition for Nintendo. It sports an ultra-HD OLED, with a Switch-like design with a DualSense twist. The mockup even has “teardown” pictures, as well as close-up views of the d-pad, analogs, and shoulder buttons: as well as a look at the “PSP” cartridges that can be used inside.

It’s a pipe dream presented in perfect conditions, but I’m a fan. I truly miss the days when Sony was riding high with the PSP, greenlighting interesting projects and really trying to make their handheld business work. It all came crashing down shortly after the launch of the Vita, when Sony silently pulled the plug and decided to retreat from the space altogether.

While the Switch is a great system, it could use competition. Nintendo has no real incentive to continue to innovate when it comes to quality of life upgrades or UI improvements, and something like this could be the jolt we need. In the meantime, we can only just look at it.

Chris Carter
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