This OutRun Arcade1Up cabinet makes me think I need to get a bigger apartment

Sit in the driver’s seat

Even though I was rarely good at them, one of the great joys of going to the arcade back in the ’90s was taking a seat in one of the many racing games and putting the pedal to the metal. Games like Crusin’ USA, Daytona USA, and Hydro Thunder devoured many of my quarters on these trips. I would have unloaded many more into OutRun, but sadly, my local arcade only had the upright version of the cabinet.

I guess now is my chance to play the game in a way I never got to with the OutRun cabinet from Arcade1Up. This is the first seated racing cabinet from the company and it includes the Sega arcade classic along with Turbo OutRun, OutRunners, and Power Drift. The cabinet features a 17″ LCD screen, steering wheel, gas pedal, brake, and dual speakers.

The Arcade1Up OutRun seated cabinet is scheduled to release this holiday season for $499. I’m still waiting for the X-Men vs. Street Fighter cabinet I ordered to get here. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get delayed again.

OutRun Seated Arcade Cabinet [Arcade1Up]


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