This new Metroid Dread story update is heavily tied to Samus Returns

Metroid Dread story

I hope this one is narrative heavy

You want Metroid Dread story? Well, Nintendo is going to give it to you.

Framed as a “Volume 4” blog post of the ongoing lead-in to Metroid Dread, the team recapped the games that were relevant to the Metroid storyline, which kicked off 35 years ago. The best part? More confirmation on the Chozo tease that we got in the initial Metroid Dread story trailer.

So the video in question is actually another look at events that happened/were covered in Metroid: Samus Returns. It was initially shared by the Japanese Nintendo Twitter account [and English], but thankfully the video was later posted on YouTube in unlisted form (thanks Greg for pointing it out!).

If you’re interested, the Japanese site actually has a cooler layout for their Volumes, with a more atmospheric site and higher-res inline images.

If this really is the last hurrah of the “Metroid” [creature] saga, I want them to go all out and hit us with some lore-heavy sequences here. I mean, they could also just keep the spirit of those Metroids alive too (via Samus’ DNA), and cart back in the Chozo whenever they feel like it. “Oh, the Chozo actually made this race too in secret, and they’re stronger than the Metroids, it was just never finalized and released!” is a devilishly over-the-top anime storyline I can see some writer cooking in his head. You know what though? If it involves the Chozo and good gameplay I probably wouldn’t even be mad.

The tease for Volume 5 implies that we’ll get a closer look at what makes Samus special, including the “secret to [her] strength.” These have been a blast to follow along with, as Metroid was basically a forgotten series for so long, and now we’re actually getting some sort of marketing campaign behind it. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, and hopefully Prime 4 has something similar.

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