This new Demigod video is a convincing argument for me to buy a gaming PC

I generally don’t play PC games, but not because I don’t want to … I simply can’t. I have one computer in my house, and I’m using it to write these words. This, email, and Twitter are about all its good for. 

That’s one of the reasons we brought Jonathan Ross on board as our dedicated PC games writer. Jonathan’s playing Demigod this week for a preview which should run this Friday, and after seeing the above video, I’m crazy jealous. Why? Because it looks sick. 

Developed by Gas Powered Games, Demigod is an interesting mix of action, role-playing game, and real-time strategy, all of which is right up my alley. You know in Weird Science how Gary and Wyatt throw a bunch of stuff into a pot to make the perfect woman, and it turns out to be Kelly LeBrock? Well Gas Powered Games did that, only with games and with me in mind. And it doesn’t have that lip thing that Lebrock had going on. Thanks, guys.

So now I just need to go buy a gaming PC. Any suggestions that won’t break my bank?

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