This Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak ad proves that Japanese commercials are the best

Monster Hunter Rise Japanese

Everyone wants a giant prop sword

This Monster Hunter Rise Japanese ad (which came out near the expansion’s launch, but was recently spotted by Nintendo Life) from Capcom clocks in at under three minutes, but I’ve watched it multiple times now.

The debut tweet for the Monster Hunter Rise Japanese commercial is very succinct: this man sings, dances, and hunts! That’s all you need to know, as that’s a fairly good description of this lounge singer turned Monster Hunter peddler. Around a minute and a half in it gets wackier, with the man showing up in the game with crude effects: it’s the best part!

Capcom has been doing a bang-up job when it comes to its Japanese advertisement arm, as the Resident Evil Village puppet shows are also fantastic. Someone over in that department needs a raise, but given the crossover, just air these on western channels!

At this point Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has been out for a few weeks, and it’s been going pretty well for Capcom. Given how long the legs are with modern Monster Hunter games, it seems likely that Sunbreak will eventually arrive in the top 10 all-time seller list for the publisher.

I’m sure some exec somewhere is singing “Viva Sunbreak!” in their offices.

There’s more wackiness to be had with Monster Hunter Rise Japanese commercials too, with the comedian ZAZY and actor Yuki Yamada:

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