This might be evidence that Sony is planning a PS5 event in February

Or it could be one big coincidence

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Back in 2013, Sony formally unveiled the PS4 with a giant dedicated event in New York City called a “PlayStation Meeting.” Ahead of the PS5’s release later this year, there’s expectation that Sony will put on a repeat performance by hosting a similar event that showcases the new console’s capabilities and some launch games.

While nothing has been revealed yet, there’s a bit more evidence that another PlayStation Meeting might be upcoming. Journalist Mike Futter has confirmed that Sony has handed over responsibilities for its annual Destination PlayStation event. Destination PlayStation is a behind-closed-doors meeting held in February where Sony reveals plans for its year ahead to key business partners including publishers, distributors, and retailers. This year, it’ll be run by “a major distributor” rather than Sony.

The logic is that Sony doesn’t want to be preoccupied with planning two soirees at once. Coupled with the news that Sony is skipping E3 again, it’s reasonable to assume there needs to be a dedicated PlayStation event at some point. Where else will it show off the PS5? There’s also a prevalent theory that Sony will look to hold another PlayStation Meeting ahead of PAX East and GDC.

It’s hardly confirmation of a major PS5 show, but it also opens the door a little wider. Why wouldn’t Sony want to personally present to its major business partners unless it didn’t have the bandwidth? Whatever’s happening, the nature of the timing of everything means we’ll have our questions answered in the very near future.

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