BitLife Proud Peacock challenge
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How to complete the Proud Peacock challenge in BitLife

Show off your beauty and talent.

BitLife‘s Proud Peacock challenge tasks you with pursuing multiple jobs before becoming famous on a social media platform. Though time-consuming, the mystery prize at the end is worth it for those who enjoy collecting cosmetics. Here’s how to complete the Proud Peacock challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife Proud Peacock Challenge guide

BitLife’s Proud Peacock challenge has five objectives for you to complete:

  • Be born a male in New York
  • Become a janitor at an adult film company
  • Work your way up to becoming an adult film star
  • Hook up with 5+ male coworkers
  • Become a top 0.01% content creator

Although you don’t need a specific job pack or expansion to complete this challenge, it helps to have God Mode to start with 100 percent looks stats. However, this isn’t required, and you can still easily finish these tasks with some time and dedication, although it might end up being harder than becoming a veterinarian or a doctor.

Be born a male in New York

To begin the challenge, create a male character whose starting country is the United States and whose starting place is New York. Unlike other states, New York has a city by the same name, making it much easier to identify than others.

BitLife born a male in New York
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Use God Mode to raise your looks stats to 100 percent if possible, as that’ll make most of the challenge easier. If you don’t have God Mode, you can raise your stats by visiting the gym, going for walks, or getting plastic surgery for a quick boost. Generally speaking, the higher your beginning stats, the easier things are later.

Become a janitor at an adult film company

Your next goal is to become a janitor at an adult film company. In BitLife, you can have multiple janitor positions open in the full-time job list, with corporate positions being the most common. Look for one with the adult film tag next to its name to differentiate it from others before applying for the job, passing the interview, and becoming a janitor. If needed, you can age up or close and reopen your BitLife app before rechecking the list if it doesn’t appear.

Become an adult film star

After becoming a janitor, your job options will open up to other janitor positions and those related to the film industry. Look for one that allows you to become a film star to knock out this next objective. Like before, your goal is to check the full-time job list for this list and refresh it as needed until you find it.

This is mostly luck-based, so just continue checking until you see it. However, if you get an adult film writer role instead, you can pursue that to further narrow down your options.

Hook up with male coworkers

Now that you have your next job, it’s time to make some new friends. Head into your coworkers list under your job menu and pick some male coworkers to befriend and woo. However, check their sexuality and marital status first, as you’re very likely to be rejected if they’re straight or married.

If you don’t have a lot of male coworkers, you may need to swap jobs a few times until you find enough people to pursue. Either way, max out your relations with a few people before making your advances and knocking out the fourth task.

Become a top 0.01 percent content creator

Becoming a top content creator on OF is the most challenging part of this task, as it requires becoming the top 0.01 percent on the platform. If your character doesn’t have an OF account yet, you can find it through your assets and social media menu. Fortunately, making one here doesn’t lead to a real-world one.

Bitlife OnlyFans creator
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Once you have your character’s account made, it’s time to post. If your character is a famous actor, this will be a fairly simple task, as you just have to wait until your fame gets you all your followers. Otherwise, continue posting each year and keep your looks high until you slowly climb the ladder. You can also create other social media accounts and cross-promote them to raise your followers faster.

After you become a janitor, adult film star, and top content creator on OF, you’ll complete the Proud Peacock challenge in BitLife.

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