This Master and Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros. Halloween costume is brilliant

Wii would like to play

I haven’t crafted a Halloween costume in ages, but man is it easy to get inspiration from the internet. Created by Reddit user Calvin_and_Hobbes, this one should be obvious to even the most casual of Super Smash Bros. fans: Master Hand and Crazy Hand!

Two of the biggest bads of the Smash series are at the center of this costume, on top of a wearable version of Final Destination (no items, of course): arguably the most popular arena of the franchise. Calvin_And_Hobbes even managed to hand out Smash invites to people who had other video game costumes!

After the positive reaction they took to Reddit to further explain the costume, which most people should be able to make at home. The mask is “morph mask” from Party City (maybe you can grab one on clearance for next year), and the stage prop has a hinge on it (see the crease) that allows him to store the invites in it to bring out on a whim. The invite isn’t empty, either: “I bought some simple white envelopes and made a sheet of Smash seal stickers at my local print shop. I then made a fake letter to put inside welcoming the character to Smash.”

I’m not sure I can pull this off, but if I saw it on the street I’d smile.

For Halloween, I went as Master Hand and Crazy Hand [Reddit]

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